Secret to eating what you love….and still losing weight!

Secret to Staying Slim….and still eat what you love!

Do you often label foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’?

Do you often tell yourself you will STOP eating chocolate, fast foods, and processed food etc for good so you can lose weight and get healthier?

Well, I have been traveling a lot lately and learning so much…and let me tell you; the secret to staying slim is NOT to deny yourself of the foods you love.

You get to satisfy your craving…and not sabotage  your best efforts.

I am currently in Brussels, Belgium, the home of Belgium Chocolate!

Literally, every second shop is a gorgeous little chocolate shop. On display are rows and rows of handmade chocolates in a variety of flavors.








Brussels is a Chocoholic’s paradise!

So how do all these Belgium residents avoid gaining loads of weight from living in such a chocolate celebrated country?

They eat chocolate in very small portions.

You can head into a small chocolate shop here and buy just 1-2 small and VERY satisfying pieces of chocolate. The rich flavors and tastes satisfy without you desiring more and more.

As I was taught by a knowledgeable chocolatier, they reduce the portion of sugar and use the best pure cacao butter to create their delicious little chocolate creations.

“My husband and I taking in the sites of Belgium!”

Junky, commercial chocolate versus Quality rich chocolate –

We all know what it’s like to eat a junky, milk chocolate bar; even after finishing it all off, we still desire more!

Specific ingredients in commercial chocolates are designed to get us desiring more (buying more!)

Therefore, the secret to staying slim is NOT to deny yourself of the foods you love, but to seek out the BEST QUALITY of that which you love and to enjoy it in small portions.

This avoids overindulging and cuts constant cravings, which really mucks with your head!

I teach this principle in my new program Look Forever 30.

Once you learn how to eat ‘better’, your looks and weight take care of themselves.

Simple Tips to get you started:

  • Head to your local chocolate shop (or supermarket) if chocolate is your craving and pick out the best quality chocolate you can buy. Preferably dark 70% plus cacao chocolate.
    It may be a bit pricier, but in the end, it balances out, as you will be eating fewer portions, with the chocolate lasting you longer.
  • If your craving is pizza, head to a café or bar and order a ‘made-for-you’ pizza, with controlled sauces, less cheese, ‘real’ meat and extra veggie toppings.Pricier? Yes, but it will be healthier than pizza chains and the smaller portion will satisfy your craving…and help you control your weight in the long term.
  • If your craving is a salty bag of potato chips, make your own and you get to control your salt and fat serving.

So, you get the idea…!

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Have an awesome rest of the week!

Nalisha Patel

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