Quit being a follower…be a student instead!

Are you fed up with doing the latest Fad Diet, having all the hope in the world of getting results for yourself, but the Diet Plan wants you to eat porridge for breakfast or prepare grilled sardines….BUT you HATE the taste of both?!

My advice to you:

Quit being a follower…and decide to be a student instead.


Instead of being a disciple of the latest diet (or any craze for that matter), be a learner and think instead like a researcher.

Aim to experiment to see what works for YOU.
Like a mad scientist (with or without the mad bit!), I want you to be your own guinea pig.


Over the last 14 years or so since I started in this industry, I have taught literally thousands of people (in person and online) how to lose weight, get healthier and look better.

I use to teach a set curriculum; follow this eating plan, work out doing exactly this….etc.

HOWEVER, over the last few years, it has become abundantly clear that this model DOES NOT WORK for everyone.

Some people really thrived on my programs and got fantastic results….and others (in all honesty) didn’t do so great.

The problem was not that the program did not work, but that the program did not work for them.

Just like how Weightwatchers or that new fitness craze at your local gym worked a treat for your friend but not for you, one-size-fits-all programs can be hit or miss…and are outdated.

We are all unique.

Some of us love slugging it out kickboxing or doing intense cardio….and
others love gentle practices like Yoga or Pilates to really thrive and feel happy.

Some of us love eating savory foods…..others love sweet foods.

Some of us are stay at home mums…others are in the corporate world, or even shift workers.

All have differing timetables, stressors and factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Therefore, the take home message:

Take on new information from books, online programs, the web etc, BUT see where you can make tweaks so the advice given suits YOU.

Take everything you learn….test it for yourself….and tweak as you go.

Sorry to say, but this will be a LIFELONG process.

You change, the information will change, your circumstances will change….all this makes it 100% guaranteed that you need to keep changing what YOU DO all the time to get any or continual results.

Do not be scared by this!

It can be fun and exciting to be your own student….and teacher.

I love providing my clients now with tools and a loose plan of action…..but the real MAGIC happens when the client takes the reins and takes personal responsibility to make their own results happen..using the info I provide.

We all have an inbuilt GPS system of sorts to take us down the right track…
…..we only need to listen.

Need some help to get YOUR own Experiment going?

Start here: http://www.flatbellykitchen.com/

The whole package is based on being your own detective…and student!

Have a great week and HAPPY EXPERIMENTING!



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