Beauty SHOCKER -Must See 36 sec Video!

There seems to be a good reason why many of us hold ourselves to the most unrealistic standards for beauty.

How often do we hear comments from slim and attractive people harping on how ‘fat’ they look or how they feel they are ‘not beautiful’?

I’ve been guilty of this too; holding myself to such a high standard of the ‘perfect me’ based on images I saw in magazines and also from being in the wellness industry where everyone looks so fit, toned and slim.

I even thought I was ‘fat’ even though I was a normal weight. I even recently blasted for sending an email stating my before photo was ‘fat’! You live and learn right….:)

Beauty is perception….and more often than not, that perception keeps shifting from good to bad…and back again for many of us.

It’s a lifelong process of building ourselves up from within so our Self Image of ourselves is not left vulnerable to outside influences, like the media or others’ comments.

Anyway, check out this ‘Must See Video’ to get a Reality Check on the way ‘Beautiful People’ images is formed:

It’s only 36 seconds long, so a quick video!

Some parts shocked me! I didn’t even know they could do all that….

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