Could ‘Vanity’ change your life?

Lose 5 kilos in 5 weeks! Drop a dress size today! Flatten your belly!


Everywhere we look, be that on magazine covers, TV, or billboards, we are constantly bombarded with ‘Weight loss’ and ‘Diet’ advertisements offering to help us lose weight.


Ask a random person what their number #1 New Years Resolution is, and 9 times out of 10 their answer would be to ‘lose weight.’


Many of us would love to lose a few kilos and look a bit trimmer BUT is that really what we TRULY desire?


  • Do we desire to see the number of the scale go down a little – is that digital number so important?
  • Do we desire to wear a size smaller – is that dress size tag that important?
  • Do we desire to see a slimmer waist and thighs in the mirror – does the cm of your waist and thighs matter?


They can be important, BUT they are not what we really desire!


You see, I have been in the ‘weight loss industry’ for about 14 years now.

I have helped thousands of women lose weight.


I hear wonderful comments about how they lost ‘X’ number of kilos etc, but more often than not, buried deep in their comments or testimonial is a sentence such as

“Losing weight changed my life”, or

“I now feel more beautiful and confident,” or

“I feel so much more comfortable and less self conscious now that I am slim.”


Losing weight is great BUT the ultimate reward is how your self-esteem, self-confidence and self-image are BOOSTED by setting a goal, achieving that goal and enjoying the perks of that goal.

Vanity gets you started, but the internal rewards are what will keep you going.


Creating a more ‘beautiful you’ is a wonderful gift you can give yourself which will trickle over into ALL areas of your life.


I have had clients transform their bodies and then go and quit their jobs and even move to another country!


One client left her less-than-great partner and went on to marry her “soulmate” because she attracted him by being so happy with herself finally.

A BOOST in Self-confidence will change your life….and it all begins with how you LOOK.


Vanity can be that powerful!

  •  Are you looking your very best right now?
  • Are you creating the best you possible with your daily actions?
  • Are you taking care of your external looks to create an internal change?


If NOT, what exactly are you waiting for?


Your best life is waiting for you to set the goal and achieve it.

Your best life is on the other side of you creating a body you are proud of!

There are only 40 odd days until 2014 – SCARY right?!


Let {Vanity} be your motivator, set a goal and let it literally change your life for the better!

Share your comments below on how you feel your looks have shaped your decisions, actions and life…..Love to hear from you.




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