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  • Snack on ‘these’ (found in report) foods to look younger and more youthful.

  • Which body part shows the world how well you look after yourself. If you find that this body part isn’t up to scratch, then you need to make changes to look younger!

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7 Critical Things you need to Look and Feel Younger:

Exercise – the ‘Right type’ of cardio and weight training

Super Foods Diet – eating your way younger and more beautiful

Skin Tools – not just skincare, but specific daily actions.

Sleep – quality sleep and sleep habits will govern how you look

Daily Habits- small habits compounded create your body and health

Love yourself – your personal philosophy will govern if you actually Do what you need to to look younger.

Mindset - personal values and beliefs will govern if you actually take ACTION. Forget Motivation, it’s all about Mindset.

Client Success Stories

  • Thanks for all the advice you've shared. Believe me, it's been working. I look in the mirror and am actually happy with what I see! My face glows and my parts all feel so much firmer (:

    Kathleen P, United Kingdom

  • I'm now sleeping better, breathing easier and have far more energy than I had before.”
    My clothes are starting to feel a little more comfortable and loose.

    Linda, South Africa

  • What has been my greatest accomplishment in the last 7 weeks? 
    Learning to eat better and what foods to avoid
    What major change have I experienced in my body or health from doing this program?  Getting fitter
    What 3 new steps can I implement to reinvigorate my goals and push me forward? 
    To continue exercising and eating.

    Kim W, ZA - Johannesburg.,

  • I was at first wondering what I would learn on this program. We all know we should eat lots of fruit and vegetables and exercise! I learnt so much on this program. First of it helped me control my junk food binges. By exercising more I am more aware of what I put into my body. My husband loves the new me. Not only do I look better but I am happier, with less PMS and just more body happy.Thank you Nalisha!

    Lisa, Australia 

  • Greatest achievement? I feel like I have regained control over myself to be honest. I don't feel at the mercy of food anymore and I actually enjoy preparing healthier meals for myself and family. I loved the near daily emails (more would be nice!) as it kept me on track and more aware of what I did day to day.  I would recommend this program to anyone!

    Rachel, Auckland

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As emotional beings, a lot of our behavior is driven by how we “feel” and what we “feel” like doing. Anything in life can be accomplished if we truly want to succeed at it. If we want to start a business, we jump in with passion and drive and give it all we got. Why then do we let our own personal well being fall to the wayside? We all need that extra motivation to propel us to do things. Sometimes things we don’t like to do. I believe that with the right attitude and a change of perspective, we can set out to do any task with passion. Let’s look at ways you can create a healthier mindset to help you propel your health and fitness goals.

About the Author

Nalisha Patel is the designer of the ‘Look Forever 30’ program.

She is an internationally recognized Health & Fitness expert on psychology based health & wellness program. She is the author of several Health & Fitness books and has been featured as an advisor in over 59 local & international magazines.

Having spent over 14 years educating herself on all things health & fitness, she has picked the brains of industry leaders such as Dr Michael Roizen, (was featured regularly on the Oprah Winfrey Show), Dr John Gray (Best-selling author of “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”), and Kim Lyons (Personal Trainer on the hit T.V show “The Biggest Loser”) to name a few.

Pulling together the latest research and advice on the market, she has created a series of digital beauty, health and wellness programs and products to help Women empower themselves by taking care of their own body’s and wellbeing.

Having now trained thousands of Women over the last 10 years, from all around the world, you can trust in Nalisha’s products as she backs all her programs with a complete ‘Satisfied or your Money Back’ Guarantee.

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