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Science has shown that eating the right foods and creating healthy habits can literally turn back the clock and help you look younger!

These are the secrets you’ll discover in the ‘Look Forever 30’ program.

The ‘Look Forever 30’ (LF30) program is a 12 week Multi-Media (Emails, Videos, Audios and Written Online Material) Coaching Program focused on helping you Eat Your Way Beautiful and Create Better Lifestyle Habits to take years off your looks and revitalize your body, looks and energy.

The LF30 Program is Like Having Your Very Own "All-In-One" "Anti-Aging Beauty Coach, Nutritionist and Personal Trainer…. all rolled into one, all from the comfort of your own home!

On the LF30 program You Will:

  • Learn which ‘overachiever’ fruit helps keep your skin plump and smooth by locking in moisture. Add this great tasting fruit to a few of your meals and help ward off the appearance of wrinkles!

  • Learn the #1 number reason we age and how you can help halt this process with simple lifestyle tricks – this is essentially the basis of this whole program!

  • Learn the delish ‘drink’ that has skin boosting antioxidants to boost the glow of your skin! Help your skin fight the damaging effects of sun and pollutant exposure with this simple to prepare drink that is most likely in your cupboard.

  • Learn a great protein rich snack that helps keep your pearly whites white (a sign of youth), helps you fight tooth cavities and helps keep your tummy satisfied!

  • Learn which delicious and high antioxidant powder you should add to your baking, drinks and even marinades (if you desire!) to help protect your skin even further from sun damage and help rejuvenate your skin AND your body.

  • Learn which specific foods you must STOP or at least reduce in your diet to ensure healthier and glowing skin.

  • Learn the #1 food that has been shown repeatedly to contribute to acne. Yes, even as adults we can get pesky spots and acne by consuming too much of this particular food group.

  • Learn which foods rank as the TOP 5 for ensuring clear, glowing skin. Eat Foods to make your skin glow! Who doesn’t want glowing healthy skin, regardless of age?

  • Learn ‘little known’ tips for actually getting a good night’s sleep. No standard ‘cut caffeine’ tips here! That is included, but so are these other 7 Must-Know tips….

  • Learn how to reduce your stress levels without having to meditate in the lotus position! Everyday tips to help you R-E-L-A-X daily and experience more bliss….

Have you ever set a goal for yourself but unfortunately failed at it? Most of us have! 

To minimize failure, every top performer needs a coach. A coach will help you work harder than you would on your own, even when you don’t feel like it.

Over the Course of 12 weeks, I will be acting as your own “Anti-Aging” Beauty Coach. I will be communicating with you directly through my Email Program and walking you through my 7 Step Age Reversal System


All program information & tools are delivered to you through email, so you can follow the plan where ever you are.

The program starts every Monday and continues for the full 12 weeks.

I will also always be there for you if you need any personalised advice or help. You can contact me directly via my personal email and expect a speedy response back.

Using some of the world’s most powerful anti-aging beauty secrets (SuperFoods, specific exercise techniques and Anti-Aging Lifestyle changes, you can actually look years younger, get clearer, smoother skin and feel amazing.

Best of all, many of the tips take less than 30-60 minutes per day to implement!

You join up and register on a date that suits you. You then get ALL material via email over 12 weeks, with access to Members’ Only Web pages, Videos and Audios.    



On the program I will be focusing on 7 Core Components:

The information is taught to you via email, workbooks, video, audio and Action Sheets, all designed to have you ACTUALLY implement what you learn!

This is not a read and then forget type of program…..


25 Minute workouts/day – Both cardio and weight training are covered in FAST, time effective and result-driven ways.


Beauty SuperFoods Meals, Snacks and Foods – Add to, Subtract and Modify existing Foods to really Eat Your Way Beautiful!


Habit Creator – creating a way to stick at your new habits using our unique ‘Tracking’ System


Love you – increasing Self Image and reducing Self Sabotage


Skin- Topical advice that doesn’t involve costly products. All homemade recipes to beautify your skin, on your whole body!


Sleep – specific tips and rituals to get rejuvenating sleep once and for all using the latest scientific research.


Personal Philosophy – creating a specific personal philosophy to stick at your new habits

Get Ready To Fit Back Into Your Skinny Jeans!
Finally a Week by Week Blueprint to help You Banish Belly Fat and look Years Younger FAST!

  • Week 1 introduces you to Top Foods causing you to prematurely wrinkle!

  • Get your FAST and Effective workout program in Week 1!

  • Learn how to Boost your Metabolism and Increase a particular food group which will help Flatten your Belly, in Week 2!

  • Also get your SuperFoods Meal plan and my Signature Super Beauty Juice Recipe.

  • Get your SuperFoods shopping list – you will have fun grocery shopping, in Week 2!

  • Get my Master Beauty Foods list to start seeing a change in your body and looks.

  • Get your hands on my VERY Important Tracking System in Week 3 which will literally Revolutionize the way you set and stick to your weekly goals.
    This act alone has helped hundreds of women on my program actually do what they promise themselves they would do…

  • Learn the Secrets to Longevity in Week 3 and how a simple daily act can boost a very important hormone in your body.

  • Learn how to get your Beauty Sleep in Week 4. Get some not-so-known tips to try out!

  • Hormone balance is important for beauty. Learn more in Week 5 on how to achieve just that.

  • Get a New and Fun Workout plan in Week 5!

  • Learn this Easy-as, ancient Ayurvedic technique in Week 6 which will literally have your skin glowing!

  • In Week 7 learn about ‘6 Damaging Foods’ that cost you your youthful looks and how to incorporate a specific food group to Plump your skin and Retain your youthful looks!

  • Also in Week 7 learn my favorite 5 minute exercise sequence that will keep your body supply, sexy and get you energized!

  • In Week 8, learn how you may be sabotaging your results….and what to do about it….

  • In Week 9 learn about this CRAZY ‘effect’ which could literally have you failing in all areas of your life! Learn how to flip it and banish it…

  • Get your hands on your NEW and Challenging workout plan in Week 9.

  • You have got to try my homemade, natural and DEAD-SIMPLE skincare recipes in Week 9! They will change how your skin looks; I promise....!

  •  Are you Pooping right? Learn more about this in Week 10. Pooping ‘Wrong’ can age you way too fast!

  • Boost your Body Confidence in Week 11 and Boost your Bliss with our happiness expert sharing his simple tips….

  • Week 12 sees us finishing up the program. I leave you with Imperative questions to ask yourself to help you succeed later on after completing the program.

  • Throughout the program learn some YUMMY Recipes to try out AND help boost your skin’s radiant, pump up your energy and help you look younger in the long-term

This Fat Busting and
Anti-Aging Program also includes:

  • A balanced and natural approach to help you change your lifestyle, habits and mindset around dieting and get you eating and acting in a manner you can carry on with, for life!

  • Receive a detailed meal plan that gives you a great leap-pad to begin your new SuperFoods way of Eating.

  • Receive delicious, easy-to-prepare recipe ideas to help you crowd out junky foods and get you eating your way younger and more beautiful.

  • Receive a new exercise plan every month, specially designed to maximise fat burning and help halt the aging process.

  • You’ll not only look slimmer, sexier, and younger, your will also feel amazing and full of energy. Create a body  that will stay healthy and protect you later in life.

* As with any weight loss or wellbeing plan, individual results will vary. Scientific research backs a lot of the Look Forever 30 material. Case Studies from past clients on HealthMastery programs have also proven the effectiveness of the provided information.

Get this COMPLETE Lifestyle program.

Most weight loss programs focus on just that - weight loss.

The 'Look Forever 30' program is a COMPLETE program.

Did you know that not sleeping enough (less than seven hours per night) can undo the benefits of dieting, according to recent study. 

Even though study participants were on the same diet, those that cut back on sleep lost half the amount of weight compared to those that received adequate sleep.

SHOCKING right?! Both groups were on the same diet plan - i.e. eating the same foods. 

Sleep needs to be addressed so you can not only lose weight, but look and feel amazing. 

Sleep is one of the many areas addressed on The 'Look Forever 30' program.

Quit with the FAST weight loss fads and get a real plan that helps you lose weight....and look years younger!

Get your Trial and See for Yourself!

Join Now & Get The "Look Years Younger" Workbook/ Planner Shipped to Your Door!*

Client Success Stories: Both ‘Good’ and ‘Honest Truth’ ones!

We believe in full discretion so you can make an informed decision.

“I am up to week 11 of the program and I have to say I feel really good! One of the biggest benefits I was hoping to get from the program was help on how to sleep through the night. After turning 35 I found my hormones changed and it really affected my sleep. This program so far has balanced my hormones if that is possible and I now sleep right through from 11-6am. So happy!”
Linda D, 37

“I initially joined this program to lose just a few kilos. I am on the slim side but carry a bit extra weight in my thighs and butt. After doing the program for 10 weeks now, I can visually see a smaller butt and thighs! I kinda can’t believe it. I have always eaten healthy, but this program taught me how to eat super healthy! I feel so much more energetic and find that my skin just glows and looks healthy. I just changed a few things but they have obviously made an impact. Thanks Nalisha. I feel so good now.” Lisa T, 32

“So far I've found the program really positive. I'm making small changes and when I find I've gone off track I feel like I can just get back on the program without the huge guilt trip I usually give myself.  I'm feeling a lot more confident about my choices and that this is definitely a lifestyle change and although the weightloss is small I think over time it will add up and stay off.”Naomi N

“I started the program when it was launched but I had to stop as I felt I just wasn’t ready to do it. Now a few weeks into it again I am glad I am back on it. I feel mentally ready to change my body and also start looking perkier and better. I had first thought the eating guidelines were full on but now I find them easy to do. I have cut out quite a lot of junk and really enjoy making Nalisha’s recipes. So far my energy had gone up massively. I can get out of bed without hitting the snooze button. I am also for the first time in my life sticking at working out. I feel stronger already. It feels simpler to follow now that I am ready to change. Excited for what’s to come!” Cassy P, 42

“Nalisha my biggest benefit so far is definitely the fact that my skin just glows. I can’t quite believe it to be honest! I have spent a lot of expensive skin care products but nothing has given me this almost internal glow. My husband even says I look younger and not so tired looking anymore. You wrote in a recent article how small changes add up and also ripple into other areas. I have found that by eating my BIG salads as you say and cutting out the crap, my sleep is better, I have better focus and feel lighter in my body. Very happy! Thank you so much. I think your programs and books are very unique and life changing.”
Sarah C, 43

“My breakouts are gone. I have never had this long a period without zits. Thanks Nalisha for helping me cut out the foods that were causing my ugly breakouts. Now just need to drop my extra 10 kilos!” Kerry M, 33

“I can finally see shape in my arms and waistline. I haven’t felt this good since I was in my late 20’s. I LOVE the workouts! I am not bored by them and I love challenging myself. I am finding the eating right now to be challenging to be honest. I am not ready to change some things. I am finding myself getting lots of produce now when shopping and actually using them instead of wasting it all. I think by having some recipes it has helped me get on track. The only thing I would change on the program is the length of it (want it to keep going so I have keep motivated) and also to have more video tips and guidelines.”
Lindsay J, 39

***Workbooks will be sent digitally for any special promotions less then the normal retail price of $247US. A physical copy will not be sent.


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