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Nalisha Patel
Founder & Creator of the Look Forever30 Program

Dear Friend,

Imagine If you could get the following benefits by just making a few simple easy changes to your current DIET and LIFESTYLE….

  • Clearer, Younger looking Skin, Free of blemishes.
  • Sparkly eyes that shine with vitality
  • Smoother skin and reduced appearance of wrinkles and halting of new ones
  • Slimmer and more youthful looking body. Not just slim, but defined with muscle!
  • Increased Energy and Vitality
  • Improved quality of sleep and increased self confidence

FACT # 1: New studies show that certain foods can actually fight the aging process, help you look younger, boost your energy and help you get and stay slim.

FACT # 2: New studies show that key lifestyle habits can powerfully impact your looks, energy, health and wellbeing.

FACT # 3: Hundreds of Women have personally tested the principles on this program and have lost centimeters off their waist, kilos off their body and boosted their health and vitality.

THEIR SECRET? Simple Daily Habit Changes(including exercise, sleep, stress, hormones etc) and Powerful Antioxidant-Rich foods that pack a powerful Double-Punch: They shed kilos and also help turn back the aging clock! Nalisha Patel has created the ‘Look Forever 30’ program based on sound principles and proven anti-aging foods and techniques.

Dear Friend

Are you FED UP buying expensive skin care products only to be disappointed you are NOT getting the results you were promised?

Cosmetic companies are laughing all the way to the bank as they know that externally applying their products is not enough to really change your skin, looks and beauty. These treatments have their place, BUT have they been giving you the results you really desire?

You are not alone if you are ending up short. This is not your fault. Millions of Women like yourself are looking for answers to their Aging issues and concerns OUTSIDE of themselves, resorting to Expensive Skin care products, Fancy Spa treatments or Treatments. If you are like most women having relied on these products to eliminate the effects of aging….only to be disappointed every morning you stare in the mirror....

Don’t you hate how you read a great book on how to change your diet and lifestyle but STRUGGLE to get yourself to actually do what you just learnt?
Well, look no further!

Introducing ‘The Look Forever 30 program’ (LF30),your ‘Look-No-Further.’ Step by Step Action Plan, delivered via email straight to your inbox, to literally change the way you eat, exercise, sleep, relax, function and think….
…Leaving you looking slimmer, younger and having boundless energy!

Think Weighloss Plan mixed in with an Anti-Aging Plan and a Beauty Plan… of the first of its kind on the market getting you Slimmer AND Younger looking!
Sound too good to be true?

Well, test it out for yourself….and if it doesn’t do it for you, just let us know and you are backed by our 30 day 100% money back guarantee!*

Here's How You Can Look Years Younger & Get Slimmer at the Same Time

Forget expensive skincare or treatments – the most effective way to take years off your looks is to simply change what you eat and what you do on a daily basis by following my 7-Step Age-Reversal System, which you can do all from the comfort of your own home!

Using just the power of food and simple lifestyle shifts, you can start seeing actual changes.

Within weeks (sometimes days!), your friends and family will notice you glowing with vitality and will want to know your secret to looking younger!

The ‘Look Forever 30’ program is the first plan specially designed to help you...
Look Years Younger….as you get slimmer!

This program has been created and tested over the last 12-14 years, now using the latest
Research and Cutting-edge advice that actually works. Women like yourself have been following the principles from the program and have found the advice easy to follow….they can happily carry on!

Your 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

Let Me Repeat..."There is NO Risk to YOU!"

Examine the program for up to 30 days and put the information to good use. 

If you find that the program is not for you, simply let us know, return your workbook/planner, and we will then refund you in full (minus any shipping and handling charges). 

I know you will start seeing results within 30 Days, so hopefully this won't apply to you! I have so much faith in this program and the results that are achievable if you follow the program.

*Cancel at any time within 30 days and you won’t be charged a cent more.
Please note, any payments made up to the 30 days of cancelling are non-refundable.

* S & H charges may apply for workbook

* Guarantee does not apply to any special promotions where program has been discounted to less than the retail price of $247US

Also Discover on the LF30 Program....

  • Natural skincare ideas so you are not loading your body with unnecessary chemicals. They are just too simple…and cheap!
  • Also learn a specific ancient exercise technique to help clear toxins and waste from your body faster for a healthier body.
  • The 7 little-known signs that your body is inflamed and what you need to do to ‘cool’ it down to ensure your skin does not suffer with early wrinkles and dullness.
  • WARNING: Avoid These 2 Popular foods if you want great skin. Ignoring this single warning could leave your skin lackluster, pimply and wrinkly!
  • The truth about Omega 3 fats: Omega-3’s and Omega 6’s – something you need to know if you want to create Perfect Skin AND learn which powerhouse seed is loaded with Omega 3 and is so delish to eat made a certain way!
  • Why this ONE ingredient in SO many foods is NOT good for your skin. I can almost guarantee you have ‘this’ in your pantry right now!
  • Easy to prepare, simple recipes to get you started and to add to your meal plans!
  • FAST and SCIENCE-BASED Workouts (cardio and weight based) to actually get you losing weight AND looking younger!
  • And much, much more!

Click Here To Find Out How the program works....

Create a Sexy, Youthful Glow as you Shed Kilos!



**On the Look Forever 30 plan, you could shed 10 kilos or more...and Look Younger in just 12 weeks as you:

  • Devour Yummy Nature Based Foods to help you diminish breakouts, create smoother and younger looking skin.
  • Look better than you did 5 years ago!
  • Workout FAST and EFFECTIVELY using scientifically backed exercise plans that help you melt fat and lose centimeters off your belly, hips and thighs!
  • Learn POWERFUL cognitive (mind) techniques that will help train your brain to think like a slim person, so you start acting like the youthful and slim person you deserve to be.
  • Learn how to sleep more deeply, restore a healthy digestive system, gain more energy and ultimately help yourself look the best you have in years!
  • Blast Belly Fat and finally wear those skinny jeans or gorgeous hip hugging dress you are aching to wear.

    ** As with any weight loss plan, individual results will vary.

A Calorie is not just a Calorie - know this to lose weight and retain your youthful looks!

If you really want to lose weight AND keep it off, you really need to learn the difference between a CALORIE and a Calorie.

'Ah, what's the difference?', you may be asking!

This means that you can have the same amount of calories from say fructose and fat, BUT the metabolic effect on your body will be completely different.

Basically those same amount of calories can have a radically different impact on your weight, health and looks. One will make you fat long-term, while the other can actually help you lose weight and look better. Interesting right?!

Learn which foods to eat more of and which foods to limit on the 'Look Forever 30' program if you really want to lose weight...and look years younger.


Client Success Stories: Both ‘Good’ and ‘Honest Truth’ ones!

We believe in full discretion so you can make an informed decision.

“I am up to week 11 of the program and I have to say I feel really good! One of the biggest benefits I was hoping to get from the program was help on how to sleep through the night. After turning 35 I found my hormones changed and it really affected my sleep. This program so far has balanced my hormones if that is possible and I now sleep right through from 11-6am. So happy!”
Linda D, 37

“I initially joined this program to lose just a few kilos. I am on the slim side but carry a bit extra weight in my thighs and butt. After doing the program for 10 weeks now, I can visually see a smaller butt and thighs! I kinda can’t believe it. I have always eaten healthy, but this program taught me how to eat super healthy! I feel so much more energetic and find that my skin just glows and looks healthy. I just changed a few things but they have obviously made an impact. Thanks Nalisha. I feel so good now.” Lisa T, 32

“So far I've found the program really positive. I'm making small changes and when I find I've gone off track I feel like I can just get back on the program without the huge guilt trip I usually give myself.  I'm feeling a lot more confident about my choices and that this is definitely a lifestyle change and although the weightloss is small I think over time it will add up and stay off.”Naomi N

“I started the program when it was launched but I had to stop as I felt I just wasn’t ready to do it. Now a few weeks into it again I am glad I am back on it. I feel mentally ready to change my body and also start looking perkier and better. I had first thought the eating guidelines were full on but now I find them easy to do. I have cut out quite a lot of junk and really enjoy making Nalisha’s recipes. So far my energy had gone up massively. I can get out of bed without hitting the snooze button. I am also for the first time in my life sticking at working out. I feel stronger already. It feels simpler to follow now that I am ready to change. Excited for what’s to come!” Cassy P, 42

“Nalisha my biggest benefit so far is definitely the fact that my skin just glows. I can’t quite believe it to be honest! I have spent a lot of expensive skin care products but nothing has given me this almost internal glow. My husband even says I look younger and not so tired looking anymore. You wrote in a recent article how small changes add up and also ripple into other areas. I have found that by eating my BIG salads as you say and cutting out the crap, my sleep is better, I have better focus and feel lighter in my body. Very happy! Thank you so much. I think your programs and books are very unique and life changing.”
Sarah C, 43

“My breakouts are gone. I have never had this long a period without zits. Thanks Nalisha for helping me cut out the foods that were causing my ugly breakouts. Now just need to drop my extra 10 kilos!” Kerry M, 33

“I can finally see shape in my arms and waistline. I haven’t felt this good since I was in my late 20’s. I LOVE the workouts! I am not bored by them and I love challenging myself. I am finding the eating right now to be challenging to be honest. I am not ready to change some things. I am finding myself getting lots of produce now when shopping and actually using them instead of wasting it all. I think by having some recipes it has helped me get on track. The only thing I would change on the program is the length of it (want it to keep going so I have keep motivated) and also to have more video tips and guidelines.”
Lindsay J, 39

*Workbooks will be sent digitally for any special promotions less then the normal retail price of $247US. A physical copy will not be sent.

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